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March 03, 2015  •  2 Comments

This blog post is a long time in the making and most of you have seen pictures posted over the past two months and some have even asked about how Miss Lexi is doing.  Your caring words are deeply appreciated and I am happy to let you all know, she is doing great and keeping her parents up just like a good baby does!!
Over Thanksgiving break, I decided to take a couple maternity pictures of my best friend even though she was tiny as can be.  She pushed that belly out and in 15 minutes flat we got some great pictures down by the creek that we used to play in as kids! Our parents live exactly one mile apart and we met in the middle on this chilly morning!  The overcast skies and light snow on the ground made for the perfect setting!

Aren't they gorgeous?!  I'm very lucky to have such attractive models that pretty much let me take pictures whenever I want to!  Thanks for freezing with me!  I am really glad we got these pictures because the following Friday I was driving back home for her baby shower when I got a text from Kevin saying that Mom and Baby are doing well.  I burst into tears, pulled onto the shoulder and sobbed.  WHAT?!?  Lexi isn't due until January 22nd and it's DECEMBER 5TH.  Well, I called and learned that Jamie had to have an emergency and that both her and baby are doing great! Lexi made her debut weighing 3 lbs 5 oz. and she was breathing on her own from day one.  Well, that was a shock, but I was so happy that my best friend was a mommy to a beautiful baby girl!  There were definitely some concerns, but Lexi basically rocked her NICU stay and was home before Christmas! Jamie had to miss her baby shower which was the reason I was coming home, but I documented it and we saved all her presents and opened them together when she was released from the hospital.  I was happy there were tons of presents and her best friend to distract her from missing your baby. It wasn't easy, but I am glad I was there for her.  I will remember that day forever.

Jamie's mom did a beautiful job on her "Pretty In Pink" baby shower!  Maureen, owner of Batter By Reen, made the cake, cupcakes (which were delicious), and "Welcome Lexi" banner!  I made the diaper cake and it was so much fun!!  

Over Christmas, Lexi had her first doctor's appointment and since Jamie had a c-section and wasn't supposed to drive, I took them!!  I was so excited that getting up at 6am didn't bother me at all!  Lexi did great and I got to hold her!!  And then Jamie asked me to be her Godmother because it's tradition to ask the Godparent when they are holding the child.  I was so excitedand still am!  Then in true photographer fashion, I took pictures of little miss in her nursery!  She loved her crib! 

And when you have a gigantic pink stuffed unicorn, you have to take a picture with it! 

About a month later, I came home again for snow pictures and for little Miss Lexi's newborn pictures!  We did the whole shebang - posed pictures, lifestyle pictures, family pictures and of course baking pictures for her mama's My Little Cupcake baking business.  

Be warned. She has gorgeous parents. It's almost not fair.  I sure can't wait to snuggle Lexi in April for her baptism!!!  Keep growing little one!  I love you!!


Nancy Malecki(non-registered)
What a wonderful tribute to Lexi and her family, and what a wonderful record for her family to have and treasure! Beautiful, Sarah!
Pat Walsh(non-registered)
Thanks Sarah. You are the best!! The pictures are all beautiful. You made me cry.
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