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I've decided to write a little bit about me and answer any questions you want answered!  They can be photography related or personal or totally off the wall!  I'm an open book...I think :)

Words that {I think} Describe Me

​{Wife ~ Stepmama ~ Friend ~ Daughter ~ Passionate ~ Total Daddy's Girl ~ Emotional Sap ~ Stubborn ~ Determined ~ Obsessed with my Puppy ~ Student for Life ~ Happy ~ Gap Toothed ~ Squinty Eyed ~ Faithful ~  Lover of Coffee & Sunshine & Gardening & Dancing & Date Nights & a Good Book & the Outdoors & Babies ~ Smiley ~ Corny ~ Honest ~ And according to my husband "Sooo Sexy"}

Feel free to add some words in the "Comments" section!

What TV shows do I watch?

Normally I watch whatever my husband is watching because I am more of a music girl than a TV girl. So, I know an insane amount about the Golf world, what tournament is being played, who is playing well and if the cute golfers are winning...swoon Adam Scott!  I've also seen every episode of "Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives" because Guy just so happens to be from near my husband's hometown and because my husband is a total foodie!  BUT, right now, we are totally on a Sons of Anarchy kick!  Oh My Heavens!  It has totally and utterly consumed our evenings.  We literally stay in on Friday nights to watch it instead of going out.  We are such an old married couple...and we love it!

Milk, White or Dark Chocolate?

Dark Chocolate all the way!!  I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate and eat way too much of it.  It's an addiction.  I seriously think if I stopped eating chocolate I would drop 5 lbs instantly.  Eh, my husband likes the 5 extra lbs, so maybe I'll stop eating chocolate next month. hehe

How many siblings?

I am one of six children!  And it's pretty awesome!  There are 27 years between the my oldest brother and my youngest sister.  I am the middle oldest which is a pretty cool place to be!  I am a younger sister and an old, wise and super cool big sister, but I am also close in age to my middle younger brother.  I consider myself a lucky sister to say the least!  I have three brothers and two sisters that are different as the wind blows.  We all have our own quirks and very different paths in life, but we all value our family and respect our parents and the love they have for us and for each other.

What do I shoot with?

I'm a Nikon gal, but I totally 100% respect Cannon.  As most photographers, the choice was between Nikon and Cannon.  My husband bought me my first dslr camera and it was a Nikon d5000.  From there I bought a lens and then another lens and then upgraded my camera to a full frame and then bought another lens and now I am so invested and so in love with my camera that it would take a huge amount of capital to make me switch.  I love my camera because I know my camera.  When a camera feels good in your hand, you never really want to give it up.

So that's a little about me, but definitely not even close to scraping the surface, so let me know what you want to know!  I'm an open book...for the most part :)

Much love


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