Natalie & Aaron | Couple’s Maternity Session | Yorktown Riverwalk Beach

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The skies looked they were about to open up and traffic was horrendous "Friday afternoon Hampton Roads traffic", so I was a nervous mess heading to this session.  It was my first official couple’s maternity session and I had high hopes (I have high hopes about all my sessions, but firsts are always a wee bit more nerve-wracking for me).  Luckily, Natalie and Aaron had told me to take my time and drive safe and just had a sweet vibe about them, which calmed my nerves a bit.  As I was entering the Yorktown Riverwalk area, a road was closed that I didn’t know about (because a text didn’t come through from Natalie), so I turned down a road I had never been down and a little boy ran right in front of my car.  I slammed my brakes on so hard and fast that my car stalled out.  He was completely fine, his father was sobbing and I could barely breathe. Thank God those texts didn’t come through and I was completely focused on the road.  A split second of distraction at that moment could have made for a horrible evening. Praise the Lord that everyone was ok.  I said a little prayer in my car to calm my beating heart before heading over to meet Natalie and Aaron for the first time!  It was only when I started apologizing for being a little late and explaining that I had to park across the way that Natalie realized none of her texts had come through. I’m handing that one to the Big Man Upstairs; he knew what he was doing!  


So, here I am with an absolutely stunning Mama-to-be and her handsome husband and skies start to clear up as we head over to the secluded Yorktown beaches!  It was perfect!  We took candid pictures, posed pictures, prop pictures and stunning maternity pictures all while getting to know one another and chatting about their little bundle of joy and their vision for her newborn session!  I felt so relaxed with these two!



Natalie tagged me in a post with this picture thanking me for making her feel beautiful!  I literally did the happy dance with  tears in my eyes!  She is beautiful and I am so beyond blessed to be able to help people feel beautiful through the pictures I capture while doing something I love! 



And finding out that this is Aaron’s favorite picture of his wife was just as sweet!  I always wish I could see myself from my husband’s eyes because I think I would be much more beautiful than I see myself.  Knowing which pictures husbands love the most of their beautiful wives makes my heart melt! 



I cannot wait to photograph your baby girl next month!!  I’m thinking about you three!


Much Love,

Sarah of Turnaround Photography |\TurnaroundPhoto | IG: @TurnaroundPhotography



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