Baby Alistair | 11 Days New

September 22, 2014  •  2 Comments

I absolutely LOVE newborn session, but I was even more excited than normal about this newborn session for multiple reasons…  First of all, I was reconnecting with my freshman year roommate who just so happens to be from Trinidad (yes the island!) and she is gorgeous.  I was also meeting her husband, her parents (which I was really excited about), and her handsome baby boy for the first time. Oh and,  she knew what colors she wanted and she told me months ahead of time, so I was able to plan and put in special requests for colors of the sea, whites and uniting two countries!  

I pulled up to their row home in Philadelphia, walked in and immediately felt at home!  It was cozy, airy, welcoming with all the windows, colorful couches, and smiling faces!  Mr. Alistair was wide awake for the first part of the session, so we focused on the baskets and he was all about that!  He let me wrap his cute little body up and place him in buckets and baskets for all of us to drool over!  He was soo cute!!

His mama is Trinidadian and his papa is American, so we brought two countries together through their flags.  Little Alistair held a handmade Trinidadian flag while wrapped in an American flag.  He was starting to get hungry during this setup, but he was still cute as a button!

While his mama was feeding him, I set up the beanbag and various backdrops and then I chatted with the family! It was so nice to meet Melanie’s parents and hear all of the stories that Mel told them about me (and they remembered)!  I never realized how much I helped her that first Philadelphia winter by teaching her to layer her pants and wear a scarf!  And knowing that her dad recognized my face from the picture I sent her as a nervous-soon-to-be-freshman reaching out to her roommate with a letter and a picture made my day!!  I guess I really haven’t changed that much!  And Mel, your husband is extremely nice!  I really enjoyed chatting with him and tell him thanks for the peppers!  We couldn’t handle too many of them, so we shared with our friends who have a much higher tolerance for heat!  

For the beanbag portion, little Alistair slept most of the time.  We started out with whites and slowly added colors and hats as we pleased.  He was quite content to let me switch out colors.

Finally, we had a little fun and brought out a Rasta hat!  He’s a little Rasta baby and rocking those dreads!  I absolutely love having some fun and really personalizing the pictures!!

Much love,

Sarah of Turnaround Photography | | IG: @TurnaroundPhotography



Sarah Nolan Photography
You are so very welcome! It was my honor!!
A untie Dee(non-registered)
These are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!of course the baby was a good subject,but thanks for sharing as we are so far away and probably won't get to meet Alistair for some time. Hope this puts you on your way to greatness!!!!!! Thanks again, we love you......
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